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Beneath the Southern Cross - The Journey Begins

After just a few weeks of rehearsals, Oriana’s new Concert season is off to a fine start. Beneath the Southern Cross is a programme made up entirely of Australian music, spanning the period from the sixties to the present day. It’s a thrilling mix of popular songs which over time have become universally loved standards, and lesser-known works which are destined to become classics in their own right. Songs from The Seekers, Olivia Newton-John, John Paul Young and John Farnham; works by noted composer and multi-instrumentalist Paul Jarman, including a trio of songs from his song cycle Turn On the Open Sea; a Powderfinger classic; and much more.

Following the completion of a number of highly successful and well received seasons of beloved classical works, Beneath the Southern Cross is a wonderful opportunity for the Choir to say to its audiences, “and now for something completely different.” And to navigate us on this journey, Oriana is delighted to be once again under the guiding hand of the acclaimed Artistic Director of Birralee Voices Inc., Paul Holley. Paul is no stranger to Oriana, having conducted the choir on several occasions in the past, most recently with the 2021 programme of music from the Americas, Come to the Woods. He brings an energy and enthusiasm for the music which is both infectious and inspirational.

It is quite some time since Oriana has prepared a programme such as this. It’s great to have the opportunity to learn lovely choral arrangements of Aussie pop classics, which I have no doubt you will thoroughly enjoy. But it’s no less pleasurable to encounter pieces with which we are unfamiliar, and to work through the process of learning them from scratch, seeing them polish into musical gems that we can present to you with pride and confidence.

Beneath the Southern Cross represents the first time that Oriana has put together a programme of exclusively and entirely homegrown music. There is so much of our history and culture that has been celebrated and related through music over the time of Australia’s existence. It’s a real privilege to be able to bring you all of this wonderful contemporary Australian music in a choral setting. It’s sure to be something very special, and a memorable part of Oriana’s journey.

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