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It’s nearly here! Excitement is mounting! Tickets are selling fast! Only eight sleeps till ‘M’ Day! The waiting is killing me!

But seriously - There are just eight days remaining until Oriana’s weekend of Messiah performances. Thursday night saw the start of an intensive final week of rehearsals, with Seasonal Music Director Andrew Wailes.

Having completed four weeks of solid work with Rehearsal Conductor Kim Kirkman, the Choir was well prepared for Andrew to come in and take things on to the next level. Thanks to Kim’s invaluable direction and guidance, Andrew was able to do exactly that, on his first night of rehearsals with the Choir. The transition was seamless. The choristers know their music so well that he was able to jump in and take them exactly where he wanted them to go. And over the next week, Andrew will work with Choir, orchestra and soloists, and bring all to the place at which the entire ensemble will be ready to present you with a thrilling, sparkling, emotion-filled performance of Handel’s immortal masterpiece.

An interesting and somewhat curious thing about Messiah, is the fact that it has come to be so indelibly associated with Christmas. The world over, countless choirs and orchestras, professional and amateur, are gearing up to entertain and bless countless audiences with their (often) annual renditions of this beloved work, as part of the celebration of the Christmas season.

And while it’s a fact that the birth of Jesus forms an integral part of the music of Messiah, it is just that – a part of the whole story, which encompasses the Old Testament prophesies of Jesus’ advent, His suffering, resurrection and ultimate glorification. So, while it is totally understandable, and applaudable, that Messiah is an unquestioned part of the season of Christmas, its story, and its glorious music, make it a work that’s really appropriate for any time at all. And yet, for many of us, Christmas just wouldn’t be Christmas without it.

Oriana has worked with Andrew Wailes on previous occasions, most notably when, together, they presented Mendelssohn’s Elijah and Mozart’s Requiem. The Choir is truly delighted to be presenting this most adored of choral works with Andrew on the podium. There is a quiet assurance among all involved, that this staging of Handel’s Messiah will be their best collaboration yet.

With tickets selling fast, don’t put off booking yours. It would be a great shame to miss out.


Saturday, Nov. 25, 2.00 pm – Goodlife Community Centre, Buderim

Sunday, Nov. 26, 3.00 pm – Brisbane City Hall

For bookings and information, go to


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