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Third Time's A Charm!

Oriana Choir is just two weeks away from realising a dream that has been on hold for nigh on five years.

Back in the good old pre-Covid days, the Oriana music team conceived the idea of presenting a concert of classic songs by ABBA and Queen, and plans were put in motion to make that dream a reality. But, alas, our ‘best laid plans’ were brought to naught. Twice! Knockdown by lockdown, and ongoing pandemic angst. And for a while, it felt as if the dream had faded away into the mist of memories that weren’t to be.

But now, that’s all behind us, and as the ancient saying goes, Third Time’s a Charm! Dancing Queen: A Tribute To ABBA And Queen, is finally happening! Show time is just two weeks off. 

It’s been a long time coming, but the time in between has been well spent. Rehearsals since the beginning of the year have been intensive and, at times, intense. But, if the energy generated during last night’s rehearsal is any indication, the final result will be worth every bit of effort that the Choir has put into making this show happen; and for our audiences, it will have been absolutely worth the wait. 

As we were running through of the opening number, the sheer joy of the music, and of performing it, were so powerful that I simply couldn’t get the smile off my face. And I thought to myself, “If it feels this good in a rehearsal two weeks out, how amazing will it be for our audiences?”  When they pick up on the joy we get from making this wonderful music come to life, their enjoyment is pretty much guaranteed!

Rehearsing these marvellous songs over the past weeks has really brought home, yet again, their true timelessness. Both ABBA and Queen had the gift of being able to write songs that had a universal appeal. Though presented to the world as ‘pop’ music, there was much wisdom and truth contained in many of their lyrics. They sang about love, in all its aspects – romance, love unrequited, love lost; about the very human need for connection and acceptance; and about how life is transitory, and how important it is to treasure every moment, because nothing lasts.

But through it all, the music is undeniably fun! It’s music that makes one feel good! Dancing Queen will touch your emotions in many ways. There’ll be laughter, there’ll be tears, there’ll be any number of “YES!” moments. And the joy of this music will be delivered to you undiluted, with all of the passion that Oriana brings to all its endeavours. This is a show that will stay with you long after the final note has faded away. Don’t miss it. You’ll love it!   

Click on THIS LINK to book your seats.

Ian Rix

April 26, 2024.


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