Elijah and the jet setter...

It is hard to believe that we are now just three weeks out from Elijah! Yes, the rehearsal/preparation time is fast approaching its conclusion, and all the hard work and dedication to the task is coming to fruition. But it’s been more a labour of love than a task per se – this wonderful choral opus has found its way into the hearts of Orianians who knew little or nothing about it before we started rehearsals; and it has shown itself afresh to those who already loved and appreciated it. This love and appreciation have been considerably enhanced in the past 24 hours. Last night (Thursday) we had our first meeting, encounter and rehearsal with this season’s music director and conductor, Andrew

What do Elijah and the FJ Holden have in common? Read on...

The Elijah performance weekend is just 5 weeks away! The Choir has learned every chorus! Andrew Wailes arrives next week for an intensive rehearsing and polishing weekend! We’re definitely getting towards the pointy end of things, and the growing intensity is palpable. Ditto the excitement. It’s like a theatre company working towards Opening Night. And really, it’s not that much different. Our set is the risers; our principals are the soloists; our chorus/ensemble cast is the choir; and our Director is the Conductor. We have an Orchestra (and an exceedingly good one at that!), we have lighting and sound people, and we have a stage manager. No costume changes, no movement, no choreography or

Learning how to deal with what life throws at you...

ELIJAH UPDATE – 4TH APRIL 2019 Elijah rehearsals are pressing on, and we’re now only 2 choruses away from having covered the entire programme! So, another couple of weeks, and we’ll be polishing, polishing, polishing! My love and respect for this wonderful work just keeps growing. It is so beautifully crafted and constructed, it is no wonder that it is considered one of the ‘Big Three’ of oratorio. Oriana is nothing if not resilient. Since the last update, we’ve endured what could very well have spelt disaster for the whole Elijah project, and come out the other side. Due to unforeseen circumstances beyond anyone’s control, or ability to foresee, our Music Director, Jonathan, had to very r

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