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THE CREATION ... The Second Appearing

Last Sunday’s performance of Haydn’s The Creation, at Venue 114 in Bokarina, was a joyous experience, for audience and performers alike. The hall was filled almost to capacity. There was a palpable high level of energy throughout the entire work. Orchestra, soloists and choir played their parts with enthusiasm and passion, and the audience’s response to that passion was discernible and genuine.

It really was a memorable occasion. The Creation is a wonderful, delightful, thrilling and highly entertaining musical event. It is indeed, a marvellous creation itself, every bit as enjoyable and inspiring as it was when Haydn ‘created’ it over 200 years ago.

But this is not meant to be a review of a concert. All I really want to say is this:

If you missed seeing and hearing The Creation last Sunday, don’t despair. Brisbane Chorale, Oriana Choir, soloists Leanne Kenneally, Tobias Merz and Jason Barry-Smith, and the Sinfonia of St Andrew’s, all under the most admirable and able direction of Emily Cox AM, will present the second and final performance of Haydn’s masterwork, tomorrow (November 20th), 3.00pm, at Brisbane City Hall, King George’s Square. And I can’t think of a better reason for taking a trip into the City, than to have the pleasure of immersing oneself in the joy and beauty of this wonderful music.

The Creation is truly one of the great works of choral music, but because of logistical and economic considerations, the opportunity to experience it being performed live, by such an accomplished ensemble of singers and musicians, doesn’t come around all that often.

Don’t let this opportunity pass by. It may be another blood moon (or two) before it comes along again.

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