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Every once in a while, Oriana likes to mix things up a bit. Variety is the spice of life, so they say, and Oriana is certainly eclectic in its musical choices. Over the years, the Choir has performed a multitude of musical styles and genres. From baroque to bossa nova, from Mozart to movie classics, from the sacred to the seventies, from orchestral to a cappella – Oriana has done, and continues to do, music in just about every style imaginable. (Although it’s probably fair to say that they would draw a line at hip-hop and heavy metal!)

Beneath the Southern Cross features the very agreeable piano accompaniment of Annabelle Clucas. But also, this time around, Oriana has engaged the services of a hot four-piece band, with the enigmatic name of The Oriana Band. The band members are: Scott Gaedtke, keyboards; Garry Buckley, sax and flute; Stu Cliff, bass; Jason Bray, percussion. This excellent ensemble will accompany the Choir on half a dozen of the songs in this wonderful, and eclectic (there’s that word again) assembly of superb Australian music.

After two solid rehearsal sessions with The Oriana Band, things are sounding very tasty indeed. Every piece that features the band is sure to delight the ears and eyes of the audiences at these upcoming concerts. Songs, band and choir fit together beautifully, and the whole programme is significantly enhanced by the band’s contributions. Works that were made famous by the likes of The Seekers, Powderfinger, John Paul Young and the late and sadly missed Olivia Newton-John, form a delightful complement to the pieces with piano accompaniment.

Contemporary Australian music is as good as anything the rest of the world has to offer, and Oriana’s members are delighted, and excited to be bringing you this feast of Australian song, much of which is truly iconic. Much of the excitement will be generated by how well The Oriana Band and Choir work together. The music is infectious. Listen to the band!

Beneath the Southern Cross: A Celebration of Australian Music will be performed at:

Trinity Centre, St. Rita’s College, Clayfield, Sunday August 13, 2.00 pm, and

Stella Maris School Hall, Maroochydore, Sunday August 20, 2.00 pm.

For bookings and information go to


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