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With less than a fortnight until the first performance of Haydn’s The Creation, Oriana Choir rehearsals have been intense, focused and full-on. There is one Oriana rehearsal remaining, and a final, major run-through with Brisbane Chorale, Sinfonia of St. Andrew's and featured soloists, Leanne Kenneally, Tobias Merz and Jason Barry-Smith. And then... Show Time!

The mood in the Oriana camp could be described as ‘fever pitch’ - the level of excitement and anticipation is certainly high. This is arguably the biggest project Oriana has undertaken in its seventeen year existence – definitely up there with Mozart’s Great Mass In C Minor and Karl Jenkins’ The Armed Man. There is something very special about being part of a joint venture, especially when it is in collaboration with an ensemble as excellent as the Brisbane Chorale, and especially when it is for the purpose of presenting one of the greatest choral works ever composed.

Haydn’s magnificent creation is rightly recognised as a choral and musical masterwork. Haydn’s musical inventiveness is combined with librettist Gottfried van Swieten’s text, based on quotations from the Old Testament books of Genesis and Psalms, and John Milton’s epic poem, Paradise Lost. The end result is a highly entertaining and uplifting story, full of drama, suspense, poignancy, beauty and humour. Regardless of one’s spiritual or philosophical viewpoint, it is a compelling, captivating work of art. And you can forget any perception of The Creation as being serious or ‘heavy’ – from start to finish, it’s joyous, thrilling, exhilarating music.

The presentation of The Creation is offered to the Choirs’ faithful supporters, and to all lovers of fine music, in a spirit of optimism for the future of choral music in our State and our Nation. The pandemic has had significant social and economic impact on all sections of the arts community, state- and nation-wide. Mounting a project of the scale of The Creation is an inescapably costly venture, and the financial resources of choral organisations are not limitless.

If you feel that you would like to assist in meeting the costs involved in presenting this wonderful musical work, I invite you to do so through the Australian Cultural Fund. Contributions will go towards the significant vocal soloist and orchestra fees, venue hire and overall event management. You can find the relevant website page at this link - .

Don’t miss out on this rare opportunity to see and hear one of the great musical works of our cultural heritage.

Performances are at:

Venue 114, Sportsman’s Parade, Bokarina – Sunday November 13th, 3.00 pm CLICK HERE TO BOOK

Brisbane City Hall, King George Square - Sunday November 20th, 3.00 pm CLICK HERE TO BOOK


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