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"The Creation" Is Evolving

With just three weeks remaining until the first of two performances of Haydn’s The Creation, rehearsals are intensifying, and there is a growing sense of anticipation within Oriana’s ranks, that this is going to be something very, very special. By the time that the performance at Venue 114 on November 13 commences, the ‘sixth day’ of Creation will have well and truly arrived. But there will be no ‘resting on the seventh day’ for Oriana and the Brisbane Chorale, until both performances are completed, and the final round of applause has melted away.

Oriana’s combining with the Brisbane Chorale is our third major joint venture. Previous collaborations were with the Victoria Chorale to perform Mozart’s Great Mass in C minor, and with the Blackstone Ipswich Cambrian Choir for Handel’s Messiah. This undertaking with the Brisbane Chorale is proving to be a quite delightful and stimulating experience for all involved.

After having had two sessions with conductor Emily Cox on Oriana’s home turf, the choir travelled last Sunday to Brisbane for a rehearsal of all the chorus pieces, with the combined voices of both choirs. By all reports, including Emily herself, we produced an impressive sound. Impressive not only in power and volume, but, more importantly, in tone, togetherness, clarity, vocal blend and balance, and dynamic range. Everyone came away from that afternoon’s rehearsal feeling very positive and upbeat.

That sense of confidence, that The Creation is going to be a major milestone in the life of Oriana, was re-affirmed at Thursday night’s rehearsal. Kim Kirkman has stepped in to help coach us through the remaining home-based rehearsals. His understanding of what is needed to hone our vocal technique, and his attention to detail will really help to tighten up Oriana’s delivery.

They say that the devil is in the detail. But it’s also true that the delight is in the detail. It only stands to reason that the better we can sing, the better we can present this marvellous story, in all its drama and beauty. Every adjustment of how a phrase, a run of notes, even a single note is delivered, adds polish to our vocal performance, increases the enjoyment of singing for us choristers, and by extension magnifies the potential for enjoyment by our audiences.

Who can say when the opportunity to experience this, one of the greatest of all oratorios, presented by two splendid and accomplished choirs, will come around again? Make sure you don’t miss out. Book early. You will love it.

Performance dates:

Sunday, November 13, 3.00 pm – Venue 114, Sportsman’s Parade, Bokarina

Sunday, November 20, 3.00 pm – Brisbane City Hall, King George Square, Brisbane

Book your tickets today at:


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