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Fay Baker, OAM*

Fay Baker truly is a marvel. You could say that she is world famous in Oriana circles. She’s been with the choir since 2007; she’s been a chorister, singing coach, sometime conductor and assistant accompanist; has been senior accompanist for many years now, and since 2016 has been Oriana’s Artistic Director. Fay has become Oriana’s heartbeat.

So it was with enormous pride, and joy, that we were able to celebrate her investiture as a member of the Order of Australia, and the presentation of her medal at Government House, Brisbane, on September the 15th. After more than six decades of immersion in, and passionate service to the world of music, it’s a richly deserved accolade.

To say that Fay has been, and is, an inspiration to her fellow choristers, is an understatement of some considerable magnitude. She brings such passion to everything she does – from her countless hours of practice on every single performance piece, to preparing rehearsal recordings and explanatory notes, to her consistent, patient, occasionally long-suffering coaching at Oriana rehearsals; and to life itself – that one cannot help but be inspired by her example. Long may she play!

If anyone ever deserved an OAM, Fay most certainly does.

* Order of Australia Medal

(alternately) Oriana’s Artistic Mover-and-Shaker


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