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ABBA, Queen and Oriana. It has a nice ring to it, don’t you think? The words sort of hang together, a bit like ‘Sugar and Spice and All Things Nice’, or ‘Peter, Paul and Mary.’ Or even better - ‘Hook, Line and Sinker.’

And that’s just how the Oriana Choir’s upcoming August concert series will have you, when you come along and experience “Dancing Queen – a Tribute to ABBA and Queen.” When you put together a programme of iconic songs by these two legendary bands from the 1970s, and have them performed lovingly, joyously and passionately by the acclaimed and highly versatile Oriana Choir, and the Sunshine Coast Youth Choir, you cannot help but be totally caught up in the joy and pleasure of the experience.

What can one say about ABBA and Queen that hasn’t already been said? Not much, you might say. The number of books, magazine articles, TV documentaries and films devoted to them is beyond counting. And yet, the mere fact of their continuing, unceasing popularity, not only among the fans who were there when it all happened, but among generations who were not even born when they went their separate ways, speaks volumes. Their enduring appeal is a testament not only to the impact that they had on our society’s culture then and now; it also, and more importantly, I think, proclaims loud and clear just how much their songs were, and continue to be, loved by so many people, of all ages and lifestyles. Pop music like that doesn’t endure unless it’s very, very good.

You just have to hear or read the names of some of the songs – “S.O.S.”, “Bohemian Rhapsody”, “Dancing Queen”, “Somebody To Love”, Super Trouper”, “Crazy Little Thing Called Love” – to name just a few, and it’s hard to keep a smile off your face. Those songs made people feel happy. Get with a group of people and start singing “Bohemian Rhapsody” (one of the most amazing pop songs of all time) or “Dancing Queen”, and the infectiousness (in a good sense, for a change) is irresistible. It re-awakens the part of you that is forever young. Come along to see and hear Oriana’s “Dancing Queen”, and you will have that forever-young feeling in spades.

Oriana is no stranger to the music of either of these timeless bands, having performed many of their works in past concerts. But presenting a show consisting exclusively of ABBA and Queen songs is an Oriana first. Hearing those wonderful melodies, the exquisite harmonies, and the sheer power and energy of the music, performed for you by a highly polished sixty-voice choir, accompanied by a top class four-piece band will be a very special experience. It will bring you some joy in these strange times. I guarantee that, as the final song of the programme comes to an end, you will be saying a heart-felt “Thank you for the Music.”

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Ian Rix

July 25, 2021.


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