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AT LAST! - Something to sing about...

After what feels like an eternity of inactivity (although nothing could be further from the truth!), the Oriana Choirs, senior and junior, will both be making their contribution - to the cause of making 2020 memorable for more than just a global pandemic - with two glorious and inspiring concerts over the coming two weekends.

Both Choirs – The Oriana Choir, and the Sunshine Coast Youth Choir – went into mandatory lockdown early in the year, but the down-time didn’t last very long. Zoom sessions through May to August paved the way for Oriana’s return to regular rehearsals in September. The Youth Choir resumed rehearsals in late July, and the fruit of their practice, patience and perseverance is about to be harvested.

On Sunday, December 6th, at Connections on King (located in the grounds of the Uniting Church) in Buderim, the Sunshine Coast Youth Choir will defiantly declare, and proudly present, “We’re Still Standing.” It’s an entirely appropriate title, as a reflection on what we’ve all come through in 2020. It’s also a nod to the concert’s opening number, “I’m Still Standing”, and I’m sure Messrs. John and Taupin would approve.

“We’re Still Standing” is a very appealing mix of styles and genres, which enables the Choir to show off their versatility, and the width of their musical interests. With composers as varied as Irving Berlin, Tim Minchin and Carrie Underwood, genres which include show tunes, Country and calypso, and with the added bonus of various solo performances from Choir members, anyone who comes to this concert is surely in for a treat.

“We’re Still Standing” is ‘extra special’, because it marks the premiere appearance of Annie Wilson as the Sunshine Coast Youth Choir’s Music Director and Conductor. Annie is a long-standing member of the Oriana Choir, and the concert on December 6th marks the beginning of what looks like being a long and fruitful partnership between choir and conductor.

As Molly famously said, ‘Do yourself a favour’ and come and enjoy an afternoon of great music, performed with heart and passion by the Sunshine Coast Youth Choir. You’ll be so glad you did.

And if two weeks is too long to wait for your good-music ‘fix’, then this Saturday the 28th, at Stella Maris School in Maroochydore, and Sunday the 29th, at St. John’s Cathedral, Brisbane, the Oriana Choir will be performing “A Babe Is Born”.

This is a programme of beautiful music celebrating the joy, the beauty and the meaning of Christmas. Not your standard ‘Carols By Candlelight’ fare, “A Babe Is Born” is a choral music lover’s banquet. It presents music that, although not as universally well known as the carols everyone knows and loves, is nevertheless equally as beautiful and moving, and in some cases more so. It showcases Oriana’s wonderful a cappella singing; it gives our peerless accompanist, Fay Baker, the opportunity to shine; and it gives you an occasion to welcome the season of Christmas by hearing some beautiful music, presented with the passion and love that has become a hallmark of Oriana’s approach to everything they do.

To book tickets for “We’re Still Standing” and “A Babe Is Born”, go to using the links below.


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