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Verdi good opera!

There is no disputing the fact that Guiseppe Verdi was, and is, a giant figure in the world of opera. So it is not surprising that, of the seven opera choruses included in Oriana’s “G&S and Opera Choruses: Songs You Will Know and Love”, three are from Verdi’s works (with the others coming from Mozart, Wagner, Mascagni and Offenbach).

Oriana, Giuseppe Verdi, G&S and Opera Choruses

Verdi drew his inspiration from many and varied sources, including the Old Testament (“Nabucco”), ancient history (“Aida”), Shakespeare (“Otello” and “Falstaff”) and contemporary literature (“Il Trovatore” and “La Traviata”). There are many excellent recordings of Verdi’s works available, including collections of his best known arias and choruses.

All of Verdi’s operas (and he wrote a lot!), are still performed continually, all around the world. The three pieces we have selected for our programme are all so very well known (and loved), and their melodies are so universally recognised, that you will find it difficult to resist the temptation to sing along!

Don’t miss out on the sheer listening pleasure of “G&S and Opera: Songs You Will Know and Love”.

Bookings are now open online for:

Caloundra Uniting Church, Queen St: Saturday 14th Dec Click HERE

Buderim War Memorial Hall, 1 Main St Sunday 15th Dec Click HERE

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