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Elijah and the jet setter...

It is hard to believe that we are now just three weeks out from Elijah! Yes, the rehearsal/preparation time is fast approaching its conclusion, and all the hard work and dedication to the task is coming to fruition. But it’s been more a labour of love than a task per se – this wonderful choral opus has found its way into the hearts of Orianians who knew little or nothing about it before we started rehearsals; and it has shown itself afresh to those who already loved and appreciated it.

This love and appreciation have been considerably enhanced in the past 24 hours. Last night (Thursday) we had our first meeting, encounter and rehearsal with this season’s music director and conductor, Andrew Wailes (and he with us!).

And what an occasion it was! Andrew had only, literally minutes before, disembarked from the plane from Melbourne to Maroochy Airport, but he ‘hit the ground running’ as soon as he was introduced to the choir by our President, Melissa.

Over the next 2 hours, with a mixture of observation, advice, ‘tweaking’, anecdote, history, humour, drama, and demonstrating a phenomenal knowledge and understanding of Elijah – its history, inspirations, structure, context, ongoing popularity and so much more, Andrew kicked us up another notch or three, and left us at the end of the evening feeling inspired and hungry for more.

With ongoing rehearsals tonight and Saturday, Oriana is really approaching performance-readiness. We’re gaining a very real sense of the power and drama, not to mention the beauty, of this fantastic musical wonder that is Elijah. To say that we’re excited to be taking this journey with Andrew Wailes is a big understatement. It’s going to be wonderful!

You are really in for a treat!

For Caloundra on May 18th, book HERE

For Brisbane on May 19th, book HERE

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