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Men! Challenge Yourselves .....

The Sunshine Coast Oriana Choir, current Queensland Grand Champion Choir, and the Sunshine Coast’s premier vocal group, are offering a unique opportunity for MALE singers to join this renowned and respected group. Vacancies exist in the Tenor and Bass sections of the choir and interested singers are invited to audition at our rehearsals in Buderim this week and next. This is the best time to join the choir, as it is the start of a new rehearsal season.

As members of the choir, each week singers receive great vocal tuition that develops and improves pitch, listening skills, sight reading, diction, phrasing, breathing, music theory and performance skills.

Members also participate in varied musical performances each year, some with orchestra. Over the next 18 months Oriana has plans to travel to Melbourne and Toowoomba and to tour Eastern Europe, on our second international trip. Also planned are concerts with orchestra, a Broadway Revue and Christmas Spectacular.

Singing with the choir is challenging and a lot of hard work but offers great personal rewards: friendships, sense of purpose and community, camaraderie and of course, the satisfaction of making MUSIC together. Singing in a choir is the hobby with SOUL.

Joining the Sunshine Coast Oriana Choir means becoming a part of one of the Sunshine Coast’s most vibrant and successful community groups. With the committed contribution of each member, we strive for performance excellence and provide opportunities for continuing musical development, volunteering, personal enjoyment and fulfilment.

Being able to read music and previous choral experience are advantageous but not essential.

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