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Once in a while the musical planets align in the most delightful ways. Such is the case with Oriana Choir’s latest offering, Oriana Sings: Mozart Vespers and the Music of Ola Gjeilo. What we have here is a meeting of two masters of choral music, from two historical periods far apart from each other, and yet both easily recognised as being devoted to the pursuit of musical excellence and beauty. And it is not in the least unreasonable to say that both are in good company.

No-one would dispute the universally accepted truism that Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart is one of the giants of Western music. Many would argue, and convincingly, that Mozart was a genius above all others. Though this is to some extent a subjective assessment, based to some degree on personal preferences, one cannot deny Mozart’s brilliance and mastery, in virtually every genre of ‘classical’ music, from concertos to symphonies, and everything in between.

Ola Gjeilo is a young Norwegian composer, based in New York, who has established a solid reputation for writing beautiful choral music, with a recognisably Scandinavian flavour. In the relatively brief time that he has been actively composing and performing, his choral music has become beloved of choirs around the world. His music is powerfully emotional; his ability to create choral arrangements of great beauty is quite remarkable; choirs love singing his music, and consequently audiences respond very positively. The word is spreading, and Ola’s ‘fan-base’ is growing.

Oriana Sings: Mozart Vespers and the Music of Ola Gjeilo gives you the best of both worlds. Mozart’s Vesperae Solennes is his musical offering for the traditional service of evening prayer. It’s a beautiful work in six movements, and there are moments which are simply sublime. Listen for the lovely Laudate Dominum – it will transport you. The eight pieces by Ola Gjeilo quite clearly come from a later, more ‘modern’ musical landscape, and yet they all have a timeless, ethereal beauty to them, of which I’m sure Mozart would have approved.

This is not the first time that Oriana has performed the music of these two masters together. Some of you will recall our performance of Mozart’s incomparable Requiem and Gjeilo’s sublime Sunrise Mass in 2021. Oriana Sings: Mozart Vespers and the Music of Ola Gjeilo will surely be every bit as much of an ‘Afternoon Delight’.

Bookings for this delightful concert programme opened today. Performances will be at:

Maleny Community Centre – Sunday 23rd of April, at 2.00 pm

St. John’s Cathedral, Brisbane – Saturday, 29th of April, at 2.00 pm

Stella Maris School, Maroochydore – Sunday, 30th of April, at 2.00 pm

For bookings visit our website at


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