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In the past year or so Oriana has performed in an amazing variety of settings, ranging from being the backing vocals for Jack Gatto (in his international show, Elvis - King of the World) at QPAC, to singing in the beautiful St Peter's Basilica in the Vatican City, Rome.

Closer to home we had one of our more unique performance opportunities in August last year. We took part in an Australian composition by Michaela Gleave, called A Galaxy of Suns. It is a work performed by only a handful of choirs worldwide, and the first to be performed outdoors. We sang at dusk in the grounds of Bankfoot House in the Hinterland, shadowed by Mount Tibrogargan and the Glass House Mountains, while surrounded by stars. We sang the stars up as they rose and down as they set; a mathematically and musically precise, yet ethereal, singing experience.

Mt Tibrogargan as the backdrop to A Galaxy of Suns performance

In the link below you can revisit an excerpt of the performance and read about the inspiration for the idea from the project's creator and collaborators. There is also a link in the article to the Galaxy of Suns App - a wonderful interactive app that brings together astronomy and music. For the audience as well as the participants, the performance was a unique and lovely experience, and one that highlights the adaptability of Oriana's choristers and artistic team.

Enjoy this short performance excerpt:

Join lead artist Michaela Gleave on this four-minute recap of the Horizon Festival performance as she explains how the work transverses contemporary art, music, astronomy and design:

We hope you enjoy the videos and we look forward to the time when we can perform for you, live, once more.

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