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Photo Galleries

These photo galleries present a selection of images tracing the history of the Sunshine Coast Oriana Choir, its social interactions and its many performances both in Australia and overseas since 2005.

Click on any image to view it at full size and/or to scroll through any of the galleries.

Performance on "Galaxy of Suns" as part of the Horizons Festival, August 2019

"Elijah" at St John's Cathedral, Brisbane 19th May, 2019

Soloists Rehearsal for Elijah - May 2019

These are a mix of photos taken by Erle Levey at the first rehearsal for the soloists who are performing with us in "Elijah", May 2019.  They are: Daniel Smerdon, Baritone, playing Elija; Elisabeth Wallis Gaedtke, Soprano; Anne Fuller, Alto and Philip Prendergast, Tenor.  Our conductor is Andrew Wailes from Melbourne and the accompanist is Fay Baker.  Also pictured is one of our patrons, Jocelyn Walker, who graciously funded the performance fees for three of the soloists.

Oriana - Serious, but a little bit fun...

Creating "Cathedral Dreaming" - a new CD recording

Central Europe Tour - September 2016

Europe Tour - 2012

European Tour - 2012

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